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The installation is fixed, it switches on with a click. Increase the value of your club, give visibility to your sponsors.

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Watch the match, tag and analyse the videos with the players.

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Watch the match, save your actions and compose your highlights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The HiGoal system supports all sports. Some advanced features or artificial intelligence algorithms are only available for certain sports.
The system consists of a camera positioned at the height of the half pitch or court and the Hibox. It switches on with a click and allows different types of shooting:
  • 180 degree vision – mainly used by coaches to see team movements.
  • Interactive navigation – used by users to follow all players.
  • Personal clips – these are clips with a cameraman effect on individual players. Each action can have infinite clips depending on the angle of view.
  • AI tracking view – is an automatic cameraman effect on the match. It is only available for certain sports.
It can be used to improve the level of training or for entertainment by the public. HiGoal increases the visibility of players and sponsors. Each event can be filmed publicly or privately within the club.
A collaboration agreement between HiGoal and sports clubs. We take care of the software, the system and the learning of the algorithms. The sports club buys the hardware via HiGoal (60% off the supplier’s list price). Together, we work for better service by sharing video profits.
This is carried out by the sports club or by the technical partners of HiGoal. It is divided into two phases:
  • Digital inspection– Through a video call with the managers of the sports facility, we will define the positioning of the camera and the criticalities of the installation. Within 48 hours of the meeting you will receive a report from HiGoal with the proposals for installation.
  • Shipping and Installation – Once the optimal type of installation has been defined with the sports club, HiGoal will ship the material. The installation takes about 4-5 hours on average.
The installation will be monitored and validated by HiGoal personnel remotely. Mandatory requirements: internet connection and power supply Recommended requirements: internet connection with an upload speed of at least 6-10 Mb/s Check your speed at www.speedtest.net
Stability, there is no risk of falling, damage to the device or personal injury Solidity, wind resistance Duration, there is no time limit for recordings Ease, it turns on with a click Convenience, You don’t have to assemble and disassemble it every time.
Each sports club has a contact for management and technical assistance. At the time of the sale you have a video call with our customer care department which, sharing the screen, will explain all the platform’s features. There are also “video tutorials” for the main operations in the management system. We are available to further organise video calls dedicated to coaches or parents. For any other information you can contact it by email or by phone during weekdays.
All subscriptions by members or spectators are shared with each sports club. Sponsorships, the sports club in the “management” section can set one or more logos that will be automatically inserted in all videos made by club users .
The investment costs relate to hardware, installation and customised customer care. Installation may vary depending on the sports facility. We will take care of the software! Don’t worry, they are prices designed for youth and amateur sports. Contact us via the “contact form” or book a call.
HiGoal has developed an automatic cameraman for sports shooting and carries out regular journalistic activities. The sports club must communicate the presence of cameras through information panels, provided by HiGoal, at the entrance to the sports facility. For more information contact us at [email protected]

Once you have downloaded the HiGoal Play application you will need to be enabled by your club to switch the cameras on and off. You can tag actions during and after events, appoint one or more assistant coaches. Once the event (training or match) is over, you will have the complete video in your profile in a few hours. You can review the sporting event and use the tactics board by analysing the game with the players just like a Serie A match analyst.
Different types of views are available in the technical area:
  • 180 degree vision (from goal to goal), to see the team’s movements
  • Interactive navigation with zoom in/out functions to see the behavior of the defence in the attack or counterattack phase.
  • Extraction of personal clips of individual players
Tags are labels that mark a game action. They can be created live during the match or after the match. Each tag can be public or private. For each tag it is possible to enter the players who are involved in the action (if they are affiliated users). Tags speed up match analysis times. By inserting tags you can show players only the most important moments in the post game by moving from one tag to the next.
A clip is a short video. By clicking “create clip” and moving the cursor on the screen, video extractions from different angles can be made. For example, it allows you to make a video of the defence as the team attacks.

Enter clip mode, moving with the cursor the system will automatically select the geographic coordinates. The system will extract the part of video you indicated. Before saving it, you will be able to preview the clip.
“My gallery” is your player video resume. Sports observers and directors will be able to see all your public actions.

Ask your club to qualify you as a supporter. You will be able to create tags, share them with the players, use the tactics board and give them recommendations.
They are single player video extractions. With interactive navigation you can make individual clips of your favorite player’s actions, save and download them.
Increase player visibility, scouts watch players’ video portfolio on HiGoal By saving it in “mygallery” you are creating a database.

He is the spokesperson of HiGoal, of our values and objectives: to support sports clubs by helping them to seize the new opportunities provided by technology. With the creation of digital content we create innovative self-financing tools allowing an improvement in services to members and families. If you believe in the project and want to make your contribution, contact us by filling out the contact form.
We apply the concepts of team sport to work: cohesion, mentality and team spirit. All united to enhance amateur sport.

The hardware consists of: a camera positioned behind the field, the HiBox that processes the images and the smartband bracelets that allow you to save the most important clips.
It is simple and lasts about 2-3 hours. The bracket and camera are attached to the field. The camera is connected to Hibox via cable. Essential and mandatory requirement: power supply and internet connection.
The owner starts recording using the cameras, the players wear a smart band bracelet that allows them to save the most important actions (20 seconds before the tag). At the end of the match the players receive the clips by email.
The clips are available after the match.
Yes, you can record live matches and share them on social networks
Once configured, the bracelet allows users to save key actions.
By increasing the field ticket by one Euro you can make up to 400 Euros per month. We also found that 80% of players stop by the bar to review clips after the game. With HiPadel you increase the profits of your bar.

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